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Canvas by Blossom…Wedding Photography Canvas…exceptional!

I’m really loyal when it comes to working with vendors that I’ve dealt with in the past and love excellent customer service.  I recently worked with a client who was redecorating her daughter’s room.  She ordered four 16 x 20 canvas prints and I used a vendor  (no names on this one) that I’ve worked with for several years.  I was so excited when the canvas order arrived and opened them up to make sure everything was printed correctly before delivering to my client.

I ordered four canvas prints and was really surprised when only two boxes arrived and even more surprised to find out they were packaged two to a box.   After opening the packages I was very disappointed with the quality of the work.  The corners to the canvas were still tacky with glue, folded crooked and some had fuzz stuck to them from the packaging.  The ink had rubbed off in places on a few of the canvas prints from just taking them out of the packaging.  There also wasn’t any room between the wood frame and the canvas which left indentations from the frame….in the canvas.  The more I looked at the quality of the work…the more disappointed I was.  Thankfully, my client understood and the order is being re-printed by the “no name company”.  Going forward I will no longer work with the previous company due to the quality of the work.

I recently found a company called Canvas by Blossom and have been more than impressed with the quality of their work starting with how their canvas prints are packaged.  I ordered one canvas as a trail run and it was packaged in a box equivalent to the two boxes the “no name company” sent me which had four canvas prints enclosed (two to a box).   The canvas inside the box had corners on each side and Styrofoam corners in addition to keep the canvas from moving around inside the box.

Next I opened the box and was pleasantly surprised with the canvas prints, the quality and workmanship.  The corners on the canvas were put together exceptionally well, they were “not” crooked or tacky from glue.  The ink on the canvas did not wear off on my hands like the “no name vendor’s”.  The other thing I really like about Canvas by Blossom is the space they leave from the wood frame to the canvas which allows for it to be stretched properly and there are no indentations in the canvas from the frame (like the previous company).

Tim, with Canvas by Blossom is fantastic to work with and they definitely take pride in their work and their products are exceptional.  If you’re looking for a canvas vendor or you’re looking to have your photos printed on canvas visit the Canvas by Blossom website.

Below are photos showing the difference in the quality between a “no name vendor” and Canvas by Blossom (who I highly recommend!!!)

 NO NAME VENDOR Featured First…..


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