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Zach & Jody Seeing the Light – Workshop Review

I have had a passion for photography for as long as I can remember.  I’m always looking for ways to learn new tips, tricks and technologies.  From new camera gear to taking photos.  Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography in my opinion.  I’m alway watching the sunrise, sunset and the moments in between looking at the patterns and how light falls.  Always trying to find better ways to photograph my clients so they look as amazing as I believe they are.  That said, I’m always looking for seminars that might be helpful and beneficial to keep moving forward and teaching me new things.  My goal is to be the best at what I do and I will always want to learn more!

I had no idea what to expect with the workshop.  I’ve attended workshops in the past and have been burned by them.  You attend and you’re all excited and when you’re done you leave feeling defeated, unmotivated and disappointed.  I went in with an open mind and let’s just say I was completely blown away with the amazing workshop!

They are genuine, friendly, interested, interesting, engaging, interactive, connected, grounded, creative, helpful and the list goes on.  They are two of the nicest people you could meet and they are genuinely interested in helping other photographers move forward in their profession, passion and craft….to become successful!

The 2-day workshop in Leavenworth concluded this past Monday and it was also – Amazing!  You look at the schedule before hand and think “holy cow that’s a loooong day” (10-11 hours each day).  When you break it down after attending, it really isn’t that much time when you get going.  You get so caught up in the days they fly by.  You forget what time it is and totally lose track of time.  The workshop ‘s were setup incredibly well with morning instruction/lunch then you go to a location and  shoot for a few hours and return to the workshop.  You have dinner followed by more instruction and finish up for the night. There’s a lot of information provided!  My advice to anyone attending – be present, put down your cell phone (better yet hide it), ask questions and take notes 🙂  I dropped my cell phone in my bag when I arrived and didn’t look at it until the end of the second day.  They are there to teach you and help you learn.  They are so receptive to questions and make you feel comfortable asking them no matter what level of a photographer you are.

The second day, even more amazing than the first!  I can say that I was exhausted by the end of the second day but its a good kind of tired and totally worth it!

Compared to workshops I’ve attended in the past,  hands down the Zach and Jody Gray In-Camera Light 2-day workshop is by  far THE BEST workshop I’ve ever been to!   Any workshops they have going forward, I will also find a way to attend!  I’m a fan for life!

One of my favorite aspects of the seminar is that not only do they show you their techniques for lighting your subjects, they also set it up so everyone gets a chance to experience hands-on learning by setting up a scene with lights individually.  (Everyone takes turns).  Really, now that I think of it – every part of the 2-day workshop was my favorite!

The photographers who attended were also amazing and it was great meeting everyone.  I learned not only from Zach and Jody but something from each person there as well.  I really wish the workshop was a few more days than just the two, you really don’t want things to end 🙂  The models we worked with were also amazing!

At the end of the seminar they offered their DVD for sale to the participants.  I would tuck some money away for that as well – its packed with some amazing information in addition to what you already learn and has information you can refer to as well.  I’m excited for it to arrive and continue to catapult my photography business to the next level!

Should you decide to attend one of their seminars, be prepared for an amazing time that will motivate you and energize your business!  I look forward to what’s next with my business and the direction its headed.  My sincerest thank you to Zach and Jody Gray!  I hope you enjoy the photos from the workshop as much as I enjoyed taking them 🙂



Thank you Zach and Jody for coming all the way out to Washington State for the photography workshop in Leavenworth.  I will forever be grateful for everything you shared with us during the weekend!  Thank you for motivating me further towards my passion and inspiring me!  Mostly importantly, thank you for believing in each one of us…that means more than you know 🙂  Big thanks to Heidi Swoboda for hosting this workshop at your amazing home/studio and our beautiful models Emily and Haley who rocked the event for us!  As well, thank you each photographer who attended – it was a pleasure to meet and work with each of you for two fabulous days.  Blessings to all on your journeys.





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