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Wenatchee Wedding Photographer | Website Rebranding

I’m a Wenatchee Wedding Photographer who has been photographing weddings for over 15 years, and as my business evolves, so does my brand.  I started looking for a designer to rebrand my website, and although I had the skills to do the design work..I really didn’t have the time.  To be honest, I really didn’t have the motivation to design the site either, but I had a clear vision about what I was wanting my site to look like.  I found a very talented designer, Jennifer with Mesmerizing Moments.  I’ve worked with her in the past, and loved working with her again for this project too.  She has a great design aesthetic that works well with my style.  The goal was to create a website that was easy to navigate, classic, and a good representation of who I am as a photographer, and my photography style.

Wenatchee Wedding Photographer | Website Rebranding

The process of rebranding was exciting, time consuming, and overall a pretty fun experience with Jennifer.  She made the process really simple, and it’s helpful that she met our deadlines, and has a voice to communicate if something is/isn’t a good idea.  The design platform used on my website is created in a program called Showit 5.  I wasn’t sure at first shifting to a new platform, combined with a learning curve.  Once we got started, I realized how easy the program was to use, and the mobile friendly aspect was a bonus.  Overall, the process was relatively painless.  Jennifer sent a questionnaire for me to fill out so she could get a good idea of style, color pallet, and I put together a Pinterest board with ideas for her to review.  It’s also helpful that Jennifer has a similar design aesthetic to mine as well.

The Design Process

She got started on the design of the site, and I patiently waited (that took some extra patience, because I was really excited to have my old site, disappear once we got started).  The first proof she really did a good job nailing my ideas, combined with her ideas and design style.

My Finished Site

Take a look at the new site.  It took some time once it was finished to double, and triple check for spelling errors, and grammatical errors (I’m sure we’ll find a few more over the next few weeks).  After looking at it for so long, things start to blend together.  If you’re looking for a designer, I can confidently recommend working with Jennifer.  She’s professional, and does a great job putting all the elements together in a cohesive way.

Take a peek around the site.  Is there anything that you love, that really stands out?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Thank you for stopping by.

Website Design by:  Mesmerizing Moments

Photography by: Lynette Smith Photography | Wenatchee Photographer

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